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by Sara Buttenshaw

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I'm Sara Acupuncturist and Holistic Facialist creator of Silver Bough Studio.

While studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, I took a particular interest in treating the skin and the use of Facial Acupuncture. I extended my qualifications into Facial and Cosmetic Acupuncture,

studying with John Tindall, a leading expert in the field.

This approach to skin care takes into

consideration a full picture of each individual’s health. Not a one-size-fits-all treatment.

My interest in skin health, like most things, comes from personal experience - in my case with hormonal acne.

When I discovered the holistic approach to skin care I completely transformed my skin from the inside out.

I believe there is always a deeper root to our cosmetic concerns.

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RADIATE 60 mins

Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation and Skin Assessment

Cleanse, facial acupuncture, rejuvenation massage

*with Gua Sha and cupping

Hydrating oil blend



RESET 60 mins

Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation and Skin Assessment

Double cleanse, facial acupuncture, detox massage

*with Gua Sha and cupping

Skin balancing oil blend



BESPOKE 60 mins

Don’t know which to choose?

Book Bespoke and I will tailor the appointment after TCM Consultation and Skin Assessment.


Express Facial Massage & Gua Sha 45 mins 


Facial Rejuvenation Massage & Gua Sha 60 min 


*The use of Gua Sha massage and/or cupping depends on the specific case, skin type, and skin concerns.


Course of 3 x Follow-Up (60 mins)


Course of 6 x Follow-Up (60 mins)


Initial and amp Follow-Up Acupuncture treatments include a consultation, Acupuncture, and facial rejuvenation massage.

90 mins Follow-Up allows more time for massage, including Gua Sha.

About Facial Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture is an effective cosmetic treatment, with the ability to address deeper imbalances of the body and mind. In my treatments I address any issues with Acupuncture from 2 angles: treating the root cause and it's manifestation. This treatment aims to provide mind-body balance, with cosmetic benefits. Fine quality specialist needles inserted into the skin increase circulation and work as a micro-trauma to boost circulation, collagen and elastin production. Traditional acupuncture points on the face can be used to target deeper roots of skin concerns, or other issues such as TMJ, headaches and a restless mind.

Each appointment involves a consultation to assess your overall health, after which the treatment can be tailored to your needs. This involves a mix of acupuncture, facial massage, Gua Sha, and acupressure ear seeds. A lifestyle, nutrition and skincare “prescription” is given after each

appointment, following advice from Traditional Chinese Medicine.


This treatment is suitable for anyone looking for a natural rejuvenation of the skin, deep relaxation and a holistic approach to skin care.