Chen Farrell 

Phlebotomist + Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner

Director of Skynn London

About me

Having had a career freelancing as a beauty consultant for over 10 years, I have an understanding on how the way a person looks has a huge impact on the way they feel. People use treatments as a form of self care and appointments often become almost therapy like. 

I became driven to progress my knowledge to more long term results driven treatments and in keeping true to my skin treatments background, aesthetics became seemingly interesting.

Becoming an aesthetic practitioner allowed me to achieve an even more extensive theoretical anatomy, physiology and pathology knowledge with safety at its core, so I really have confidence in treating peoples concerns on a deeper level. It's so satisfying helping people not only look amazing but feel great too.


When you are an aesthetic Injector the learning never ends, I attend multiple courses and seminars throughout the year as It is important to me to bring the very best treatments and to continuously improve my knowledge. My focus when treating a client is to get to the nitty gritty of their health and wellbeing because health, stress and anxiety has a huge part to play in the way our skin presents and are key factors when I make a decision how and if I treat.

My approach is minimal, I believe a person should look and feel like who they really are so it was second nature to me when curating Skynn that the approach had to focus on wellness and natural balance in beauty.


The way we see ourselves has a huge impact on our mental health, I wanted to create a space where you not only leave looking great but feeling great too, treatments are a wonderful way to improve wellbeing and practice wellness. You will often hear me use the word balance rather than enhance when preforming cosmetic treatments as a treatment should be used to bring harmony to facial proportions. By approaching aesthetics in this way I can help the day to day quality of a clients life.  If I can teach my clients that the skin concern that is effecting their wellbeing can be treated and they still look like their natural self's, then that Is my mission.

I created Skynn. London to prove treatments can look natural and to shed light on the often overlooked yet important side of beauty that is regenerative and healing and necessary for wellness.